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Saturday 6 October 2012





You can read whatever you want as long as one book is either a Rhiannon Frater novel or a bump in the night book (vampire, zombie, shapeshifter, ghost etc). For my peeps who fear losing sleep a mystery will do ;) If you can only participate during a few days of the read-a-thon that is okay too. There is no requirement to follow me but it's always appreciated. You don't have to have a blog, feel free to follow along on twitter, goodreads, or facebook. I will be using the hashtag #Fraterfest.

Challenge schedule:
  • Friday Oct.5th- 8am(EST) to Monday at midnight(EST) Name That Vampire hosted by Kody@ The Fabled Crossroads
  • Friday Oct. 5th- 4pm(EST) to Monday at midnight(EST)Tune this Title hosted by April@ My Shelf Confessions
  • Saturday Oct 6th- 8am(EST) to Monday at midnight(EST) Fraterfest Bash hosted by Christy@ Love of Books
  • Saturday Oct 6th- 4pm(EST) to Monday at midnight(EST) Cover Sleuth hosted by Barbara@ Basil's Bookshelf
  • Sunday Oct 7th- 8am(EST) to Monday at midnight(EST) Guess the Rest hosted by Carolyn@ C.M. Brown 
  • Sunday Oct 7th- 4pm(EST) to Monday at midnight(EST) Books to Movie Madness hosted by Fran @ Books and Beyond
  • Monday Oct 8th- 8am(EST) to Tuesday at midnight(EST) The Texas Crossword Massacre hosted by Kristen @ My ParaHangeover 
  • Monday Oct 8th- 4pm(EST) to Tuesday at midnight(EST) Participation Frater Raffle hosted by Kimba@ the Caffeinated Book Reviewer.
On Sunday October 7th from 6pm(EST) to 8pm(EST) We will host a twitter party hashtag #Fraterfest
KIMBA THE CAFFEINATED BOOK REVIEWER  will choose a winner from entrants who have posted both their goals and results and who have also participated in at least one challenge. More entries can be gained by participating in each of the challenges.
The winner will be able to choose one of the following:
ebook series of Pretty When She....
ebook series of Vampire Brides

Welcome to my part in this 
Fraterfest Read-A-Thon
Here you can accept the 

Below is an excerpt from my just released
second book
The Protector Series

He Came For Mine

Your challenge if you choose to accept it,
 is to read the excerpt below 
then write what you believe will happen next...........
Just jot down your ideas in the comments box below 
or email your entry to:

I will be giving away to one lucky winner
an ebook copy of Book One
an ebook copy of Book Two
'The Protector Series'
by C.M. Brown


He Came For Mine

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This book continues the story of Jazz and Sebastian's fated love affair.  Sebastian abandoned Jazz at the end of book one and returns to his home world of Aidensdein, which was burned to the ground when Jazz escaped from his nemesis Brennan.  He is kept busy rebuilding the city and restoring order to his people.

Unfortunately, Jazz is left alone to transform into a part-vampire and deliver their child on her own.  Seb, of course does not know that she is even pregnant when he leaves her.  As Jazz tries to survive the changes to her own body and raise a young vampire, she finds herself being drawn into a relationship with someone who looks very much like Seb.  Can she trust this stranger, or should she be wary?


Seb led me into the Library and headed over to a day bed located next to a window, which overlooked the pool area.  Sitting down next to each other with our backs to the book lined walls, I felt very overwhelmed by the opulent lifestyle Seb was accustomed to.  I was not used to being around such grandeur and I found myself feeling very intimidated.

“Jazz, I’ve been putting off this conversation since I got back, but there are things you need to hear!  You may not like what I am going to say, but it is a necessary outcome of our lives together.”

I did not answer.  I just sat there numbly waiting for his spoken words.

Seb began, “When I left before, when we made love and I bit you and you drank my blood, I had hoped that you would fall pregnant.”  He paused drew in a breath before continuing.  “I had been to one of our worlds most trusted authoritarians, to find out if it was at all possible for us to have a child.  I did plan it, in a way, but I never planned for you to be left here alone, to fend for yourself!  That was just an unforeseen circumstance!”

“Seb, do you mean you were intending to stay?” I asked.  He nodded in reply.

“I was not planning for the uprise against Brennan and I did not expect for Aidensdein to be burned to near annihilation.  These acts were out of my control.  I had hoped that you would fall pregnant with my child, but I did not intentionally decide to leave you here to fend for yourself.  It was a spur of the moment decision that I made from the guilt of leaving my family and friends to suffer alone, unsupported.  I did not know you would become pregnant so easily and had every intention of returning to you as soon as I could.”  Seb paused for a moment before continuing.

“At that time I did not know about the uniting ritual.  I found out only recently from reading the old records, I had uncovered during the rebuilding of Aidensdein, that a son born between human and vampire must ‘unite’ with an adult of similar gender and it is best done with one of a similar gene to that of the father.”

“What do you mean, ‘unite’, Seb?”  I asked.

“I or another male vampire needs to feed from Auron and Auron needs to feed from the adult male, who he unites with.  He will need to continue this exchange during the developmental years of his life or he will weaken and quite possibly die!  As he is still an infant, he has slowed his growth rate until the time of uniting, apparently his first birthday is a critical point in the process.  Jazz, I swear I did not know.  I would have been here sooner, if I knew you were carrying our child.”

“But Seb, I still do not understand why you stayed away for so long?”  I asked hoping to hear an answer I could relate too.

“It really was unintentional, I only meant to return to find out if my family had survived.  Then I saw just how much work needed to be done, and I just could not leave until some order had been restored.  My father, not being capable of bringing about order, in the state his mind he was in, it was left to me to bring the city under control and rebuild.  By then time here had moved ahead and I had left it too long to come back.”

“For your protection I had the portholes sealed and allowed no-one to enter this world, but when I discovered this information about the uniting ceremony I decided to come myself to check on you.  When I discovered you with Ryan, I was heartbroken, but I blamed myself for leaving you alone for so long!  I had no idea that Ryan was playing some game of his own!  Watching you and with the information I had discovered, I had to help you, I had to be with you!  I am so sorry.”  He tried to wrap me in his arms, but I pulled away from him and he continued on.

“Jazz, after the uniting takes place, Auron will not be able to live here on Earth, he will need to return to my world.”

“Wh…Wha..Why, Seb, what are you saying?”

“He will grow quickly and noticeably, and if he stays here, he may become unmanageable!  He will have a blood lust which will be uncontrollable and if left here on Earth, it will cause him only pain and insanity!  Jazz, I will need to take him back, do you understand?  I will need to go back with him.  I won’t be able to stay here with you, even though in my heart that is all I have ever desired!”

“Seb, what, what do you mean?”  I screamed.

“I am going to have to return to Aidensdein with our son, Jazz.  I cannot take you back with us, my world is not ready to forgive what damage was caused at your expense, and I would not risk your safety!” 

Seb tried to reason with me, but I was not going to give in that easily.  Hysterically, I kneeled in front of him, clutching his knees!  “No, Seb you can’t.  You cannot leave me again, please do not take my son!  Please, Seb!”

So what do you think happens next?
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Unknown said...

Unable to bear her pleading (and realizing that he couldn't give her up anyway), Seb vows that he won't separate her from Auron and he'll find some way to protect her at Aidensdein.

Ta da!

Kimberly @ Caffeinated Reviewer said...

Wow, well as a mother, my guess is regardless of her feelings, anger at Seb that Jazz is going to end up going with her son Auron to Aidensdein. It is obvious despite her protests that she still has some feelings for Seb. Not sure if Ryan is going to put up a fight.

biochemguy said...

My stab in the dark as to what happens next would be that Jazz refuses to let Seb take their child to his world unless she can go with. Despite what had happened in relation to Jazz in his world he reluctantly agrees causing her some relief but uproar in Seb's world. Just a guess. :)

Nas said...

The book sounds awesome. Thanks for the exceprt and giveaway.

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