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Friday 31 August 2012


 Patricia Lynne 


Patricia Lynne  9. C.M. Brown  
2. Marie Landry  10. M.J. Fifield  
3. Lor Rose  11. Mark Koopmans  
4. Gwen Tolios  12. Sydney Aaliyah  
5. Hywelalyn  13. Tammy J Rizzo  
6. Traci Kenworth  14. L.M. Murphy  
7. Travis Cottreau  15. Erica Cresswell  
8. Kathy Coleman  16. Jessica Dragon Cheramie  

 How did my Goals For August go?
  •  Edit, Edit, Edit and edit some more!
Well, I did lots of this, still have the last edit to go and time is starting to run out!
  •  Critique a partners work
I have been trying to keep up to date with the critiquing for both my partners' work.
  •  Continue submissions for Friday#Flash
Only missed one of these weekly posts, due to a nasty chest infection.
  •  Maybe catch up on some neglected reading
I did get through a few books this month, so I am happy with this.

 My Goals For September go?

  1. Continue to edit and have my book ready for publishing on time.
  2. Organize posts for the blog hops I am participating in.
  3. Finalize everything ready for publishing.
  4. Complete interview questions and return them back to the Hosts who have generously offered space on their blogs to post me.
  5. Organize emails to all parties involved in my book release hop.
  6. Continue critiquing work of my two partners.

Looks like it is going to be a busy month for me again!

Thursday 30 August 2012


As Dark as Night

(Part 4)

By Carolyn Brown

(The final instalment to a Paranormal short tale -750 words approx.) 

“Jason please, settle down.  We are here to help you.”
“I don’t want your help! I don’t want this, any of this! I said let me OUT!”
Dianne placed her hand on Mason’s arm and nodded her head.  He looked across at her with questioning eyes, but pulled the car over to the side of the road as Jason had demanded.
As soon as the car stopped, Jason jumped across Abe’s lap and was out of the car in an instant.  Diane also exited the vehicle and he found himself looking straight at her when he straightened his posture to stand on the footpath.

“Jason please, nothing has changed between us.  I have always been and hope to still be your friend,” she said, placing her hand gently on his forearm in a friendly gesture.

“Just leave me alone Diane.  I need to process this, okay?

“Sure, sure Jason, I will be waiting to hear from you.  Take care of yourself, okay.”  She turned, got back into the car and the group departed, leaving Jason to walk home alone.

As he walked back in the direction of his house, Jason thought about these changes affecting him and what they would mean to his life now and in the future.  He was concerned about the disadvantages his new form would mean to his plans to go the college and make something of himself.  He had already been struggling in his classes and focusing on school work was becoming more difficult.
Jason was so involved with his own thoughts that he did not see Brett standing on the corner, just in front of him.

“It looks like your new buddies soon got sick of you too, hey freak!”

Jason tried to ignore the comment and crossed the road to try to avoid another confrontation, he knew Brett would instigate. But soon enough Brett had caught up with him and was doing his best to antagonise Jason by throwing snide comments at his back.

A few blocks from his home, Jason turned to Brett, “Dude, what is your problem?”


Jason knew that unless he stood up to Brett, the bullying would continue.  He had tried to ignore him, hoping that he would give up and leave him alone, it just did not seem to be working.

“Listen Brett, I really have had enough of you.  I’m giving you your last chance to leave me alone!”
“Oh! I’m so scared.” Brett snarled back at Jason. 

Anger mounted inside Jason, he had heard enough.   Good sense reminded him to continue ignoring Brett, but a new animalistic instinct was erupting inside of Jason, one he could not control.  He found himself shrugging off his backpack to the ground and standing in a hunched over position, ready to spring at Brett, like a cat, in an instant.

Brett just laughed at this gesture, not at all concerned about fighting Jason.

Jason waited for Brett to make the first move.  While he waited he noticed how time seemed to stand still and he was able to see Brett’s moves in slow motion.  His senses were all heightened, he could hear, smell, see and anticipate everything. 

Then, just as he was savouring this new experience, Brett threw his first punch which connected with Jason’s face.  Caught off guard, Jason stumbled a couple of paces from the blow.  He soon recovered and sprung at Brett with the full force of his body, knocking him to the ground.  Like a lion, Jason found himself standing over Brett on his hands and feet, looking straight into his eyes.  He felt them change and knew Brett could see they were catlike.  Jason didn’t care, that Brett would see their difference, he wanted to scare Brett, to try to stop him from tormenting others.

Brett struggled to disengage himself from Jason’s body, but found that he was pinned to the ground, unable to move. “Look man, what the hell are you?”

“Someone, you should think twice about, before messing with again.”

The look on Brett’s face said it all. He was shocked and scared. When Jason released him, he brushed the dirt from his cloths, wiped the grime from his hand and held it out to Jason.

Jason considered not shaking it for a moment, but then decided against antagonizing Brett further, he really just wanted to be left alone.

The End

Tuesday 28 August 2012


It is time once again for:

Teaser Tuesdays is a weekly bookish meme, hosted by

of Should Be Reading.
Anyone can play along!
Just do the following
  • Grab your current read
  • Open to a random page
  • Share two (2) "teaser" sentences from somewhere on that page
Make sure that what you share doesn't give too much away!

You don't want to ruin the book for others! 

Become (Desolation, #1)

Become (Desolation #1)


Sixteen-year old Desolation Black wants nothing more than to stay in Hell where it’s cold and lonely and totally predictable. Instead, she’s sent back to Earth where she must face the evil she despises and the good she always feared.

When Desi is forced to embrace her inner demon, she assumes her choice has been made—that she has no hope of being anything other than what her father, Lucifer, has created her to be. What she doesn’t count on, is finding a reason to change—something she’s never had before—a friend.


I tried to see what humans would see: A teenaged girl, sixteen years old—even though I’d lived in Hell for countless centuries.

Cross, Ali (2011-11-07). BECOME (Desolation #1) (Kindle Locations 187-188). Ninjas Write Publishing. Kindle Edition. 

Ali's Second book in this series:

Desolate (Desolation #2) Desolate (Desolation #2)

by Where darkness lives, all becomes desolate . . .

It’s been two months since sixteen-year-old Desolation Black chose Earth over Hell and her friend Miri over her eternal love, Michael.

Desi goes through the motions of life: school, training, remaining vigilant against the forces of darkness, but her dreams are full of the choices she wishes she could change. When she’s injured by a strange demon, old temptations arise, and the lines between good and evil blur. Desi discovers those choices aren’t so final after all.

And this time, the power of love—for a friend, for a lover—may not be enough to save her from the darkness that lurks within.

Friday 24 August 2012


Hi everyone,
Well, I wasn't going to burden all of you with my woes, but as I was late letting you know that I had a guest posting on
'A Buckeye Girl Reads'  this week, I thought that I had best let you know that I had been holding up in my bedroom trying to get over a chest infection which has plagued me for the last month. My doctor ordered a week off work and rest, so that is what I did. I think I only turned my computer on once!! And that was to support Ciara Knight with her new release 'Weighted'!

I apologize for anyone waiting to read the next installment of 'As Black as Night' for my Friday#Flash entry, but as I was unwell I did not have the energy to write it. I will post part 4 next week.

A Buckeye Girl Reads 
You can visit  'A Buckeye Girl Reads' 
to read my answer to Colette's question: Why I have chosen to write in the New Adult genre?


I would also like to thank everyone who has signed up on the Linky List to help with the launch of my second book in the Protector Series which is titled 'He Came For Mine'.  If you would also like to help, add you name to the list here

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Media Sharif has just released her debut novel 'Bestest Ramadan Ever'.  You can purchase a copy by clicking any of these links:
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The Character Depot
The Friendship is Forever tour is being held by JL Campbell as part of her latest book release, Distraction.
There will be approximately fifteen stops in thirty days in a variety of locations. From Australia to Mexico and South Africa to the USA. Click on the Blog Tour poster to follow the tour.

Don't forget to join the 'What's Your Chocolate?' Blog Hop, which is being hosted by M. Pax, Laura Eno, Brinda Berry and Ciara Knight, which is being held on 10th September, 2012.


 Also the mighty Ninja Captain, Alex Cavanaugh is holding a Genre Favourites Blog Fest on September 17 so visit his site to be part of the fun!

Photobucket18 and Over Giveaway Hop sign up for 13th - 16th September 2012
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Hope you can find the time to participate in some of the great things happening this month! Enjoy!


Tuesday 21 August 2012


It is time once again for:

Teaser Tuesdays is a weekly bookish meme, hosted by

of Should Be Reading.
Anyone can play along!
Just do the following
  • Grab your current read
  • Open to a random page
  • Share two (2) "teaser" sentences from somewhere on that page
Make sure that what you share doesn't give too much away!

You don't want to ruin the book for others! 

This week my Tuesday Teaser 
is from a book released today, 
by a blogger friend of mine!
I wish your new book great success!
All the very best!
By Ciara Knight

Fantasy and paranormal author
Find her on: Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads
https://mail-attachment.googleusercontent.com/attachment/?ui=2&ik=3eeb8a95ab&view=att&th=139453d970cbc99e&attid=0.2&disp=inline&realattid=f_h5zymadv2&safe=1&zw&saduie=AG9B_P9YU2rVpvt0gt7c727Lp3Tl&sadet=1345543201978&sads=h2OmgV9Sk7uzDpEu9V16A2rT3KwOther books by Ciara Knight
Battle For Souls Series:
Ascension Of Evil - Coming October 2012
The Neumarian Chronicles
Weighted - Coming Augst 21, 2012
Escapement - Coming early 2013
The Curse of Gremdon Amazon, ARe, B&N


The Great War of 2185 is over, but my nightmare has just begun. I am being held captive in the Queen’s ship awaiting interrogation. My only possible ally is the princess, but I’m unsure if she is really my friend or a trap set by the Queen to fool me into sharing the secret of my gift. A gift I keep hidden even from myself. It swirls inside my body begging for release, but it is the one thing the Queen can never discover. Will I have the strength to keep the secret? I’ll know the answer soon. If the stories are true about the interrogators, I’ll either be dead or a traitor to my people by morning.


“Need you? I only need your wretched, cursed body. We must ensure your kind never threatens the world again. When I’m finished, you will serve me, and only me.”


The long needle penetrates my arm and icy liquid shoots up my veins. The room spins. Focus. I must concentrate if I am to keep my secret.

Friday 17 August 2012


As Black as Night
 Part 3

Carolyn Brown

(A Paranormal sequel of Approx. 670 words. Jason discovers his best friend is also a were-panther)

Jason struggled against the arms binding him down inside the car, wrestling to break fee of their grip.  He managed to get a glimpse of Brett standing on is own, separated from the rest of his gang, a bewildered look on his face, as the car pulled away from curb.

"Jason stop struggling," came a familiar voice.  He looked to the front of the station wagon to find Diane, sitting in the passenger seat. "If you promise to stop, Abe and Vinny will release their grip on you."

"Wh..., what the...?"

"It's okay Jason, these guys are my friends.  I called them when Brett started hassling you when we got off the bus."

Jason settled down and the two boys let him sit up, but they did not take their eyes off of him.  The look on their faces showed they would be ready for any move Jason made, as he settled himself in the back seat between them.

It was then that Jason caught sight of his changed hand, embarrassed, he tried to hide it underneath his hoodie.

"Jason, even though you don't realise it yet, you are among friends.  We are all were-panthers.  We are part of the group you have been running with at night, when you think you are dreaming."

Jason could hear the words being spoken by Diane, but he was finding it difficult to process them.

"Why, why didn't you tell me on the bus, when you were telling me all that information you supposedly found on the Internet?  I thought we were friends!"

Diane ignored Jason's  comment and continued, "This is Vinny."  He had short, spiky dark hair and was smiling at Jason, showing his gleaming white teeth.  "Sitting on your left, is Abe."  Jason turned his head to find big, brown eyes, lined with long dark lashes smiling at him from under a mop of long, blond hair.  "Our driver here," Diane cocked a thumb in the direction of the person sitting next to her, "is Mason."  He brought his hand back towards Jason, in a gesture of receiving a high five, but Jason was too shocked to respond.

"I had to get you out of there Jason, you were beginning to turn and I couldn't let you do that, not in front of those trouble makers.  We may have been lucky, I don't think the other boys saw your paw, but Brett did.  He probably won't say anything because he won't want people thinking he is crazy!  At least this is what I am counting on." 

Jason looked at Diane, wondering where his childhood friend had gone, not knowing this confident girl sitting in the front seat of the car.

"Jason, do you know if your paw connected with Brett, as you struggled with each other?" 


"If you did it might cause him to change into a panther like us."

"I don't know. I know I did scratch his face, but I don't know if I had started to change before that or not."  Jason lent forward placing his hands on each side of his face.  "Do you mean to say that I was attacked by someone who was a were-panther and that is how I am now in this mess?"

"No, not you.  You are different, you are an originate from the pack.  Your Dad was a panther, but your Mum doesn't know, so you can't tell her."

"Are you all insane?"

Jason felt like he was entering the Twilight Zone.  Now Diane was telling him that his father, the creep he had not seen since he was a young child, the guy who had abandoned his family one night, without so much as a goodbye, was the reason this was happening. It was just too much to believe.

"Stop the car, let me out!' Jason screamed. 

To be continued....

Tuesday 14 August 2012


It is time once again for:

Teaser Tuesdays is a weekly bookish meme, hosted by

of Should Be Reading.
Anyone can play along!
Just do the following
  • Grab your current read
  • Open to a random page
  • Share two (2) "teaser" sentences from somewhere on that page
Make sure that what you share doesn't give too much away!

You don't want to ruin the book for others! 

Provex City (The Lorne Family Vault Series, Book 1) 

Provex City 

(The Lorne Family Vault Series,
Book 1)
Michael Pierce


Fifteen-year-old Oliver Grain begins his school year fighting off bullies, learning about the boy who committed suicide in his room, and trying to understand why his history teacher, Mr. Gordon, has taken such a personal interest in him.

Do you believe in ghosts? Do you believe you can make bullies simply disappear? Do you believe you can walk through walls?

Mr. Gordon tells Oliver: "When you truly believe anything is possible, you will be able to open doors where there were only walls." And one of those doors leads Oliver to Provex City, which puts him in far greater danger than he can possibly fathom

The Teaser:

 “Yeah, but she’s not part of our family. She’s an addiction,” Desiree said, finding a tie for her hair to keep it out of her face in the unpredictable breeze. “She’s not right for him and everyone knows it. He got swept away by the fact that she’s young, has big boobs, and threw him a little attention.”

Pierce, Michael (2012-03-05). Provex City (The Lorne Family Vault Series, Book 1) (p. 21).  

Kindle Edition.

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