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Friday 15 February 2013


Cambria Hebert

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Desperate to save the life of a child he never knew he had, Sebastian returns to Earth to find Jazz in the arms of another man.  A man he knows all too well.  One who cannot be trusted!  Sebastian worries if Jazz’s feelings for him have fleeted in his absence and he vows to win her back.

Jazz struggles to find ground between Sebastian and her new life, unsure who to trust and still holding resentment for Seb’s abandonment.  She seeks solace through someone who was there for her when she needed to pick up the pieces.

After coming to terms with her new life, Jazz is struck down with confusion and longing when Sebastian suddenly returns.
However, a dark battle is forthcoming, one that is bound to bring bloodshed.

It was late in the evening when I found myself in the large dining room surrounded by the rest of the Protectors, as well as Bliss, Xavier, Vern and Seb with Auron upon his knee.

Candles had been placed around the room and were flickering in the gentle breeze coming through the house from the open veranda doors.  Furniture had been moved from its position and pushed up against one of the walls or it had been taken out of the room.  Painted on the wall in its place was a large symbol, one I recognized from my doodling’s.  One I had repeated absent mindedly, when I first met Seb.  I didn’t know what it had meant then and I was still ignorant of its meaning now.

The vampires sitting around the table with me seemed to be in some type of semi-hypnotic state.  The only people who seemed to be aware of our surroundings were Seb, Auron and I.

My emotions were heightened as I waited for Seb to begin.  On the table in front of him lay a small silver dagger, I had seen it before, it was the one he had used to pierce open his chest for me to drink his blood during our love making, the very first time.

The room was in silence as the ritual began.  Seb chanted a verse in a language I had never heard, whilst the others gathered around the table, joined in at various intervals.  My imagination took me to the many eerie dark magic and horror movies I had watched and I began to feel somewhat uneasy!

Bliss sitting on my right, must have sensed this and placed her hand in mine lending me her support, to get me through whatever was about to occur.

Time seemed to stand still and stretch on forever, as the words being spoken by Seb continued until he suddenly paused and reached for the small dagger in front of him.  With a flare of dramatics he sliced his skin across his wrist and filled an empty crystal goblet with the droplets of blood escaping from his wound.

Once the wound had stopped bleeding and had begun to close and heal, he picked up the goblet and moved towards the symbol drawn on the far wall.

Using his blood he marked it with his fingers writing letters and words in his language at certain points across the large symbol marked on the wall.

Everyone in the room was now completely quiet, their eyes closed, I watched in fascination as the blood which had marked the symbol seemed to shimmer and move from the wall and make its way toward Auron, who was sitting quietly on my lap.

I felt the pressure of Bliss’s hand in mine, giving me a silent message of courage as I sat transfixed upon Seb’s written words moving and entwining themselves together as they danced before my eyes.

Seb walked across the room and gently took Auron from my arms, quickly removed his clothing and holding him up in front of the moving words. 

Unless I had witnessed this for myself I would not have believed it.  The words seemed to pass through Auron’s small body twisting and twinning a path around his frame until somehow they melted into his skin, leaving small markings tattoo like across his body in the shape of the letters Seb had written over the symbol on the wall.

Seb still holding the dagger in his hand cut a small incision across Auron’s wrist and held his arm over the goblet collecting a small amount of his blood.  He then placed Auron back into my arms and walked over to the symbol on the wall marking it in blood for the second time.

New symbols formed as Seb once again recited the chant and the others began to join in.  For the second time the words Seb had written twisted and turned and pulled themselves from the wall and floated this time towards Seb.  In a few short moments the markings had buried themselves across his chest where his heart lay.

When all the blood had found its way into the bodies of the two I loved, everyone in the room opened their eyes in unison and began cheering loudly!

Not really knowing what was expected of me, I stood up and moved closer to Seb who took Auron from me and placed him on the floor, he gathered me into his arms while our friends and the gathered Protectors congratulated Auron with pats on the head and soft kisses.

Seb whispered into my ear, “He is joined with me and we can be a part of one another!  He will be safe now!”

Whatever that meant I had no idea, but I made a point to ask him to explain it to me later.


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magic5905 said...

Would love to read this book. Thanks.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Your day to shine!

Kimberly @ Caffeinated Reviewer said...

Love the excerpt, I have an ebook of book one and hope to read it soon!

Heidi@Rainy Day Ramblings said...

Hi Carolyn! Thanks so much for being a part of FIre and Ice and for sharing your excerpt. I am very intrigued! I am adding your link to my Facebook page! Happy Friday!

Amanda Ray said...

Great giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity to won! Cool cover and book sounds great

RIN said...

Thanks for the giveaway! I haven't read your books yet, but they look really good.

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Thanks for the giveaway!
I've seen this book around on various blogs and have been wanting to read it!
mestith at gmail dot com

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Thank you. :)

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I've been trying to win this book for a while now. It sounds sooooo good! Thanks for the giveaway!

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