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Saturday 2 February 2013


I have joined up for the 2013 A-Z Challenge, have you?

April is the month it all happens!

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To give you an idea of what to post, I have below one part of my posted challenges for 2012.  The theme revolved around the Protector Series, so as it is my Blog Hop this month and I am promoting this series, I though I should re-post my 2012 challenges which involved describing the characters in The Protector Series.

 As yet, I have not quite decided what I will be post for 2013, but I have a few ideas I am tossing around.

Aidensdein, home dimension of the main male character, Prince Sebastian Rowan, is a world filled with other beings. The majestic red tinged landscape is lush with vegetation in various shades of pink and red, while a rose coloured sky surrounds the planet. As you look across the landscape, a large blue moon hangs forever low in the sky. There is no sun, only the moon, which lights and reflects a purple haze! Meandering through the redish landscape are many rivers, flowing freely, full of blood. After all this is the land of the Vampire! Aidensdein is also the name of the capital city of this mysterious world. It lies in a valley surrounded by lavender coloured hills. The city itself is made of gold and is fashioned in a gothic style, old fashioned golden spirals snake and glisten as they reach up to the low hung moon, like fingers stretching towards the sky.

Bliss, the heroine of this series has her life and plans for the future turned upside down, not only by the guy she falls for, but also by his friends, family and enemies! Bliss enjoys surfing and photography, her dream is to finish college, find a job in magazine publishing and make a name for herself.  All that changes as she steps on the path towards a totally different destiny, when she decides to befriend Seb.  She has a strong personality, has athletic prowess and is quite independent. She works in a local cafe to make money to cover her expenses, even though she lives with her parents when the story begins

Brennan, strives to take control of Aidensdein, he plots and schemes to become head of the family kingdom, even though he is not the next in line to the throne. Feared by the people of Aidensdein, as he slaughters innocents ruthlessly, he plans to rule the kingdom and make great changes to their lives!
Cleo is a waitress, who works with the lead character, Jasmine,in a small restaurant, where one group of vampires watch Jasmine, waiting for something or someone, but I cannot tell you what or who!  Why would they be in a restaurant, you ask? Well they do need to eat, yes they are able to consume all foods which are red! They just love red wine! Ha ha!  Getting off the track here, Cloe is not really a friend to Jasmine, more of a working colleague and only appears throughout the story from time to time. But, all characters are of importance to every story!

Dean, is the annoying younger brother of the main lead character, he embarasses his sister at every opportunity as all younger brothers love to do! He is only a young teenager when the story begins, but as time moves on his part may possibly play a bigger role in the story?

Erica, one of Jasmine's bff's, looks like a barbie doll with blond ringlet curls.  She attends the same Tafe College as Jasmine and they get together often over lunch or spend time on the weekends surfing and clubbing with their other friend Jules.

Flowing rivers of blood run through the land of Aidensdein, and in the center of this magestic golden city is an enormous fountain where the land dwellers drink their fill. The residents of this mystical planet do not feed from any life form, but drink their fill from the rivers which are abundant with their life essence! But when they happen to visit the Earth plain it is a totally different story!

Grayson comes into the series in book two. He is a Protector and becomes a close friend to Jasmine when she needs a friend most. As a Protector Grayson is one of the specially selected vampires of Aidensdein, trained to guard the 'chosen' from rougue vampires!

Hinterland behind the Sunshine Coast, becomes a special place for the couple in this series. Amongst the natural swimming holes, bushwalking tracks, antique shops and cafe's, Jasmine and Sebastian spend time together, getting to know one another!

Intimate moments happen between the two main characters making for a hot, steamy experience for readers to enjoy.

Jasmine is the main female character of this story (who was called Bliss in earlier versions of Book One, before publishing, and I must admit to human error when I posted about Bliss for letter 'B' of this campaign. So to read about Jasmine, visit the post linked here), Sorry! But there is an important  character in the series called Bliss, so I will now post about her instead: Bliss is a Protector assigned to Earth to guard the 'chosen one' from rougue vampires sent by Brennan from Aidensdein. She is exceptionally beautiful, but down plays her looks with many piercings. Her assignment ensures she  keeps close to her target, but be very discreet!

Jules is another friend of Jasmine, one of the three who  have been friends since kindy. She enjoys life and likes to go out and have fun!  Jackson is another Protector, he has darker skin and looks a little Asian, wearing his long black hair in a ponytail.  He has sharp symmetrical features and is extremely unsure of being anywhere near humans.

King Bane Rowan, lord and master of Aidensdein and father to Sebastian, is actually trying to keep the society stable!  Conflict and underhand dealings are impacting upon the kingdom and the community of  vampires are feeling the pressure!

Linda is Jasmine's mother, she loves her daughter and enjoys the company of Jasmine and her friends. She is happy to host their get togethers and also likes to help the girls get ready for special occassions, fixing their hair and make up etc,. She often engages Jasmine in mother daughter talks, sometimes late at night.
Melinda, sister to Sebastian, also a Protector, is not happy with his choice for a partner.  She is not the main villian in this story, but as time goes by, she will certainly make her mark! She sports a really short cropped black haircut with ends tipped red, as if they had been dipped into a bucket of blood, she has a fiesty temper and is a bit of a b**ch!

Nambour, one of the original sugar cane settlements of the Sunshine Coast is the location of the Tafe College where Jasmine, the lead character in the series drives to each week day, to study a course in journalism and photography. On her drive to Nambour one morning, she spots the guy of her dreams, and when she eventually meets him, her life changes.

Old keeper of secrets, Bethany is the one vampire alive in Aidensdein who knows the stories of both worlds from ages past.  She is who Sebastian visits to learn what he needs to learn about the Chosen.

Protectors, are a specially selected group of highly trained vampires from Aidensdein, who have the privileged duty to keep the vampire race secret on Earth, whatever it takes. They are elite soldiers who travel from world to world hunting rouge vampires. A small select band from this group perform a specialised task: Protect the 'Chosen One'.

Queen Solace, Sebastian's and Melinda's mother is an elegant lady and head of her household in Aidensdein.  She has a close relationship with her son and will endeavour to support him at any cost.
Ryan is a character in the series, who enters the story in Book Two. 

Unfortunatey, I am unable to disclose too much about Ryan as his position in the story would be compromised.  But I will tell you what he looks like....Ryan as long wavy dark hair which reaches past his collar.  He reaches a height of 6 feet and has a muscular body, shaped by his obsession with the martial arts. He has dark brown eyes and a few peircings around his lips and eyes.

Sebastian Rowan, the main male character in this series, is in the position of being in charge of the group of Protectors who guard the "Chosen One"!  He is loyal and responsible and reliable, but on the other hand he is also strong, efficient and a skilled fighter. He is most likely in the prominent position to take up the power to rule Aidensdein when his father eventually resigns from the role. Sebastian, or Seb as his friends call him, enjoys photography and while on Earth he has taken many pics, which are displayed on the walls of his various homes.  He falls in love with Jazz and finds that protecting her from her many threats is a  huge challenge!

Tattoos shaped like an apple, in a bluish, purple colour are found on the Protectors bodies. They can wear them anywhere, but they are always easily visible.  Seb wears his on the under side of his right upper arm, Bliss has hers on the back of her neck.  Jackson's is on the side of his neck while Grayson wears his on the inside of his left wrist.  It symbolizes eternal devotion to keeping the human race safe and oblivious to the existence of the vampires.

Unions between adults and offspring of this vampire world need to be performed during special rituals, with the exchange of blood and magic. But of course a vampire can only produce children under unique circumstances which involve the 'Chosen'.

Vern, closest friend to Sebastian and also a Protector, is a member of the group of Protectors sent from Aidensdein to guard the Chosen One. Vern supports the personal decision Seb makes for the future of Aidensein and is one of the three Protectors who help with the challenges he faces for making that decision.

Waratah, which means red flower, enters the story in the second book of the series. She has curly red hair and eyes the colour of emeralds. Unfortunately if I tell you anymore about Waratah, I would be giving away spoilers, so I shall not say another word.

Xavier, partner to Bliss, friend to Seb and Vern is also one of the Protectors sent to guard the Chosen One.  He has blond hair and blue eyes, a typical surfer look about him. He has a kind heart and will do anything Bliss asks.

Yolanda, is also a character who will be introduced in the second book of the series and therefore so as not to give away any spoilers, I canot reveal very much about her.  Yolanda, means purple flower, she has deep violet eyes and long black curly hair.

Zane, is also a Protector who makes an entrance in the second book. He offers to stay on Earth and guard Jazz from threats.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Glad you've joined us again!!!

Krista McLaughlin said...

Good luck with the challenge! I did it last year and I decided I will again this year. It's fun to meet so many people and see their ideas! My theme is still a secret, but I'm excited for it. :)

Good luck! I'll be sure to come read your A to Z posts in April!

Sheena-kay Graham said...

You picked a great theme last year. Best of luck this year.

michelle said...

I've signed up for the challenge. This will be my third. I'm trying to decide between 2 possible themes.

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