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Friday 7 September 2012


A Darkness Buried Deep Within

by Carolyn Brown
     (845 words of Horror)   

Sitting here now it was hard to believe the torment Chelsea had put Scott through, she had always seemed such a lovely, sweet young thing.  No one would have imagined what darkness had dwelled deep inside of her, or how someone would go to such lengths to commit such a heinous crime on one so not deserving.

Scott was guilty of being brought up in poor circumstances, a drunken mother with a criminal for a father.  In a town the size of this one, this knowledge was hardly a secret, but was this the only reason he became the victim of her torment.

It had started when one of the other girls had made a comment about Scott, something about his attractiveness.  It had peeked Chelsea’s interest and had sparked her enthusiasm for what she called fun.

I remember the day clearly when she had moved across the oval, towards him like a predator cat sizing up her prey.  He just finished track practice and was standing wiping sweat from his face with a towel, when she had approached him.  Scott had looked up and for a split second nearly dropped the towel he had been holding, he was so shocked to find her standing before him.

I had been sitting up in the bleachers catching up on some study and had a clear view of the proceedings playing out before me.

Chelsea grabbed the sweat soaked towel and started patting Scott’s brow provocatively, throwing all her female powers of persuasion his way.  The poor guy was dumbfounded, he did not have a chance.

I saw Brad Barber watch the proceedings from the football field as he participated in his practice with the team.  I had sniggered with others as he had dropped the ball a couple of times, because he was so distracted by Chelsea’s game.

Chelsea never once glanced his way, she was focusing all of her energy totally on poor Scott.

Scott, overwhelmed by the attention, lapped up every bit of it, and being so terribly innocent fell hook line and sinker into being Chelsea’s plaything.
What guy wouldn’t? She was after all Head Cheerleader, with a body to die for, well rounded perky little breasts, a tight butt and legs that just kept going higher.  She was a brunette with emerald green eyes which were surrounded by thick black lashes, which she knew just how to flutter to get what she wanted.

Chelsea chattered with Scott for a short while, only the two of them know what words had passed between them.  But, before she turned to saunter back towards her fellow cheer mates to the other side of the track, she had lent over and kissed Scott on the lips.  This was all too much for Brad, he had certainly dropped the ball this time, and had stormed off the football field and had practically run towards his ‘mate’ in a split second.

Brad had stood in front of her and demanded a reason for her actions, but she had just ignored his pleas, a smug look upon her face.

When Brad had raised his arm to slap her across the face, we had all gasped in unison.  But, we had no need to be alarmed, as his arm was caught in mid-air by the newly empowered track hero, Scott!

Brad had turned in shock and surprise to find it was Scott holding him back.
This was just too much for Brad to handle.  To be belittled in such a way in front of his peers, was the last straw.  Fuming he turned his anger on Scott.  With one wild swing, his fist connected with Scott’s face, sending him in a crumpled mess to the ground.

Surprisingly, Scott collected himself and stood erect, ready and waiting for Brad’s next move.  It did not happen as Chelsea decided at that point to intervene and defuse the situation with the use of her feminine charms, she draped herself over Brad, smothering him with her kisses.

Poor Scott, unused to the games Chelsea played, seemed broken.  He looked upon Chelsea and Brad’s intimate embrace with horror, he had moved to his school bag, removed from it a shot gun and proceeded to aim and fire at random students as they fled, hurriedly from the scene.

I had ducked down to take cover from the random fire, behind the rows of seats, laying my body out as flat as I possibly could.

I had watched in horror at the scene playing out before my eyes and when Scott had placed the shot gun into his mouth and readied himself to pull the trigger, I sat dumfounded by the events unfolding in front of me.

Seconds ticked by and moved as if in slow motion, then as Chelsea saw what Scott was about to do, she ran to him in a last ditch effort to put a stop to the madness.  Unfortunately as she came close enough to him, as Scott pulled back on the trigger and brain matter splattered Chelsea from head to foot….


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Wow! He went off the deep end.

John Wiswell said...

The description of her "body to die for" was the creepiest element to me. I'd fend him off with a fire hose.

Unknown said...

Yes, He sure did!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the visit once again John, I am glad you are enjoying my Flash pieces.

Steve Green said...

Chelsea sure is a tease, and a danger, but I have to wonder what a nice guy like Scott was doing with a shotgun in his bag.

Unknown said...

Hey Steve, I did give it the title of:"A Darkness Buried Deep Within"!

Ciara said...

Yikes, that kind of freaked me out with all the recent events in schools.

Aaron said...

Wow. That darkness just snuck up and slapped me. Nicely done.

Unknown said...

Thanks Aaron.

Helen A. Howell said...

Oh poor Scott - the games people play!

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