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Thursday 21 March 2013


Today, Cadence McKenna has dropped by to share a little about herself as she reveals her character in Gerily Mavin's new book, Buried! 
Welcome Cadence!
Okay, um, hi! My name is Cadence McKenna, family and childhood friends ( . . . and Grey, but he just does it to bug me), call me Cae. First, I'd like to apologize to Carolyn for this post coming to her very late. My writer, Gerilyn, isn't usually very 'on the ball', if you will, and she is recovering from a God awful head cold, so she might have forgotten to ask me to do this post in a timely fashion.

So, anyway . . . . I live in a town called Fane's Cove, in Upstate New York. If you haven't heard of the place, I'm not surprised. Most people who come through here try to forget about it. What can I say? We're pleasant enough people, and the scenery is nice, but . . . well, there's this whole spooky vibe that scares people away. All except for Grey—that'd be Grey Addison, the new boy in school—who's family moved here (seriously, nobody moves here), and stayed. I don't even know what to say to that.

I live with my mom, Audrey, and brother, Jeremy. My dad, Patrick, lives across town since the divorce. My best friend, Wendi lives right next door, and has a huge crush on my brother . . . and vice versa. It's kind of an awkward mess for me, but hey, I've got bigger things to worry about.

I swear, I feel like I'm the only sane person in town, 'cause I'm the only one who thinks that normal people moving here is strange. I like to think maybe I'm a little more observant about these things 'cause I'm a little psychic (very, very little). *taps her fingers impatiently on the desk* Alright, well, if I'm going to be fair about this . . . I guess I can understand why everyone's ignoring it. Locals, I think, just sorta hope it's a sign; they hope that the vibe is fading. Which would be fantastic, only problem is none of us know what the vibe stems from.

Well, none of us knew.

I know now, and so does Grey. In fact, I only know about our town's past because I started poking my nose into Grey's business. Wow, I'm finding it hard to talk about the story without giving spoilers. So, to the point, we find information about the town's past that, he has reason to believe, ties to him (which turns out to be true) and that affects me, personally. The latter, I don't think either of us expected. And I've got all I can do to keep Wendi and Jer distracted so they don't get mixed up in any of it. Or interfere.

There's poltergeists, apparitions, disembodied voices, magic, a bit of bloodshed, and it all leads up to an existence-altering revelation.

For one of us, anyway.

I think that about rounds out my story without telling too much. Gerilyn has already begun work on the sequel story, Broken, as Buried is the first in a trilogy. Huh, I'm feeling like trilogies are a theme in YA paranormal literature these days.

Anyways, thank you so  much for having me, C.M., I appreciate the turn to have my own voice outside of Ger's writing.

Book One of  
The Paranormalville Trilogy


Gerilyn Mavin

Like every resident of Fane’s Cove, Cadence McKenna knows her town is, well, odd. And yet, they’re accustomed to the near-daily supernatural happenings- so accustomed, in fact, that when Grey Addison moves to town and stays, she is shocked to find that she’s the only one who insists that there must be something strange about him.
With her life-long—if minor—psychic sensitivity handed down from her grandmother, she knows that what she feels isn’t simple paranoia.  After all, how many normal guys pay no mind to random poltergeist activity occurring right in front of them? 
Cadence can’t blame anyone for wanting to ignore that there might be more to his presence there- perhaps if he is a normal guy, it’s just the first sign that whatever it is about the town that drives visitors away is fading.  She might have even grudgingly let it go, but then she sees Grey acting very suspiciously and knows that she can’t dismiss her feelings until she understands why he’s in Fane’s Cove.  Even if it means sticking her neck out by pretending to get close to him . . . and learning more about her town’s history than anyone would ever want to know.

Author Bio:
Gerilyn Marin is a self-described gothic-tree-hugger who lives in the town of Whitestone, New York with her husband, and four children. The part of her brain that registers the passage of time is still convinced she's twenty-one. She wedges in writing time wherever she can when not covered in children or navigating the mine field of debris left in their wake. It’s an unpredictable schedule, but one that mostly works to her favor since, aside from her creative output, she is sorely lacking in employable.

You can find Gerilyn here:


cleemckenzie said...

Sounds very mysterious and spooky! Love both.

Cynthia said...

Congratulations, Gerilyn, on your new book! I often find stories about town secrets quite juicy.

Unknown said...

The blurb is fascinating -- all the best with this book, Gerilyn!

Maryannwrites said...

I enjoyed the blurb and the author bio. Love bios that are more than just the dry facts.

Thought I would stop by since we are both on Jeremy's team of minions for the A-Z Challenge. It is my first time to be a helper and I am looking forward to meeting folks.

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