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A to Z Team [2014]

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"K" is the letter for today. My post continues with another teaser from the "Forces of Mist," a work in progress suited to a New Adult audience.

Kara moved over to Sarah as she went through the necessary protocols, shutting down her vehicle and gathering up her equipment, “Where the hell have you been? The commander is going ape shit! You were supposed to report three hours ago!” she screamed, angrily.

“Well, hi there Kara! Thanks for being so concerned for my butt.”

Kara smiled at her friend's comment and gave her an affectionate punch in the shoulder. “I think it is best if I report directly to the commander about my experience, and reasons, so I will have to leave you hanging. Hey, but it’s all good, I think.”

With this comment hanging heavily in the air between them, Sarah walked away. She headed to her quarters, to gather a change of clothes. She wanted to use the community showers before making her report. She needed some time to work out exactly what she wanted to divulge and whether or not to share her experience with the commander. She knew Kara would understand why she walked away.

When she emerged from the shower Commander Walker was waiting in the hall. “Sarah, you have not officially checked in, why?”

“Can we go somewhere to talk?”

He nodded and led her into his ready room, away from any interruptions and anyone who could ears drop on their conversation.

Once inside her gestured for her to take a seat on one of his leather lounges and went to pour them both a drink from his mini bar.

Commander James Walker had been like a father to Sarah since both her parents had died on a mission, a few years back, when the war was at its peak. She had been living in this base at the time and had been in her early teens. The commander had taken her under his wing and now at nineteen years of age she had become one of his leading officers.

Her role was not a fighting one, but she was invaluable for collecting intelligence and a successful reconnaissance officer.


P V Ariel said...

Hi Carolyn,
Yet another character
nice to read
Keep writing
Have a wonderful weekend

randi lee said...

I love how light and jovial the friendship is in this scene. You have a lot going on in your story--you've weaved something wonderfully complex--and to add a touch of friendship and humour further proves that you know *exactly* what you are doing--and you're damn good at it.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I can't wait to read this in order...

susan said...

Not everyone can be a fighter. Good fill in of back story

Trisha F said...

I like the sound of your story! Nice work.

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