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Monday 20 January 2014


What Works – Online Marketing Symposium

The first ever "Online Marketing Symposium" Monday, January 20, 2014. A blogfest with information you can use!

Welcome all, to my first 2014 post and the "What Works"...and what doesn't Online Marketing Symposium!

Hi everyone, I trust your Christmas and New Years Season was a happy one!

I spent my time at my usual get away... the Woodford Folk Festival, watching bands and indulging in life's pleasures. Unfortunately, on our return my 18year old son borrowed my husband's car, lost control when a kangaroo jumped in front of him, hence rolling the vehicle and creating a week of havoc in our household.

Luckily, he has recovered, but of course the car was a right off. 

Jobs on my list did not get completed due to the mishap, but I am very grateful the accident did not take on a worse outcome and Matthew is still with us.


"What Works"...and what doesn't Online Marketing Symposium!

I have written two books in the same series, and published both through Smashwords and Amazon, but neither have been best sellers. The first was published in 2011 and the second, 2012. What I am happy about is that both books are still selling through on line markets regularly, with very little effort on my behalf.

 I believe the best marketing tool on the web, is to ensure you have a wide network base of fellow bloggers to support your endeavours and most importantly,to reciprocate their help by supporting theirs.

Using networks like Goodreads, Twitter and Facebook, and in actively participating in online blogfests and other organized events, creates an identity which supports your writing. 

The more active your voice is on the web, the more it impacts book sales. 

I have never produced bookmarks, t-shirts, business cards or other promotional material, but have been asked by many followers for these. So, it may be something I pursue in the future.

I believe it is important to establish an on-line identity which you feel comfortable with and to be consistent. I find it easier to just be myself, try to be kind and thoughtful and always help others!




J.L. Campbell said...

True, Carolyn. I think establishing an identity and a brand is soooo important. It's also great being part of a community.

Stephen Tremp said...

Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, and LinkedIn are still great ways to promote a book. I'm working at increasing my connections so when I do release my next book I'll have that many more people to promote to.

Unknown said...

J.L - Community is very important. Totally agree.

Stephen - I am sure it will do well.

L. Diane Wolfe said...

The more active online, the better - sound advice.

I've always used bookmarks and business cards and think they are a powerful marketing tool.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Smart advice! Get involved online and be consistent. It does work.

Crystal Collier said...

So true! You get what you give. I think my greatest tool in promotion has been all my wonderful friends on the blogosphere who've helped spread the word.

Yolanda Renée said...

So true Carolyn, it's all about putting yourself out there. Thank you for participating, how awesome this is the first post of 2014. My son wrecked his work van on Christmas Eve - hit a jersey barrier in a snow squall on a mountain road. He's fine too, but what a scare!

Arlee Bird said...

I'm wondering about more assured and stronger ways of extending one's reach beyond the blogging community with a similar effort. You're right in what you say, but there is such a larger audience out there and getting wider reach media reviews and advertising isn't that easy on ones own. Good luck with your upcoming books and promos.

A kangaroo eh? Sounds weird to those of us in the States.

Thanks for joining our symposium.

Tossing It Out

Anonymous said...

You are your own brand, especially when you're a writer. Developing that brand takes time, but it is worth the effort.

Cathy Olliffe-Webster said...

Sorry about the accident, Carolyn. Glad things are better now.

I have to be better online ... my new year's resolution is to smarten up! Thanks for the tips!

Anonymous said...

I am happy to hear that. I would like to think all the time I spend online will turn into book sales eventually.

Michelle Wallace said...

Yes, blogfests and other organised events support your writing. Writers should try to make some time to participate, because it's a way of reaching out to, connecting with and being supportive of others.

Chrys Fey said...

Being online is very important. I have been exhausting myself by promoting online, but I haven't had much luck with my debut, but my second eBook will be coming out this year, so i hope that changes. :)

SittieCates said...

Hi, Carolyn! I like your tip about being more active on the web. I'm still learning my way around Goodreads, though. And, so far, this is the first blogfest I've joined. :-)

PK HREZO said...

I totally agree! Relationships are what's most important. Or else all the books out there start blurring together.
So glad your son is ok!!

cleemckenzie said...

Establishing that online identity is such hard work, isn't it? I had no idea what I was getting into when I started writing books.

Robin said...

You have been through the wringer. I am so glad your son is okay. Cars are replaceable, but people are not.

Thanks for sharing what has worked for you!

Unknown said...


I'mseeing a lot of online presence suggestions today of whick I totally agree!!

As for 'goodies' I use Overnight Prints for bookmarks (roughly $12 / 100) and Vista for all my other promo stuff. I've been more pleased with all their products.

Terri @ Scribbler's Sojourn

Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

I agree that keeping a close circle of friends really help. I have some postcards that I give away here and there but I need to update some.

Christine Rains said...

I completely agree! Helping other writers has helped me too. Glad to hear your son has recovered.

Cathrina Constantine said...

So far an online identity is all I can afford. Hopefully, it helps as far as sales. Thank you Carolyn.

Sheena-kay Graham said...

The writing community is a wonderful source for marketing assistance. But always pay it forward. Thanks for the advice Carol and a car vs. your son isn't really a choice. You will always pick your child.

Nicole said...

Word of mouth is so key, especially online!

Karen Jones Gowen said...

Hi Carolyn, so nice to meet you through this blogfest. It's been great to visit everyone and learn their tips and experiences with marketing. I agree on the importance of having an online voice-- really a must for writers!

Damaria Senne said...

Very true, Caryolyn. I have found that establishing an identity helps you to build a strong following, who support you and are interested in whatever material that you release. These are the people who do not just restrict themselves to what they initially liked about your work, but will try other genres etc when you take risks.

Unknown said...

Thanks everyone for your comments and the kind thoughts regarding my son. I am glad you all agree with my thoughts.

Thanks for your tips on bookmark prices Terri.

Nice to meet you too, Karen.

Notes Along the Way with Mary Montague Sikes said...

Sorry about the accident and am glad your son is safe. It sounds strange to hear of a kangaroo avoidance accident. In Virginia, it's the white tail deer!

Glad your book sales have been steady. Good luck!

Mary Montague Sikes

Sherry Ellis said...

Establishing an online identity and being part of a community does help book sales!

Sharon Bayliss said...

Great advice! Thanks!

Julie Flanders said...

Good advice and it's great to know your books are still selling consistently. Glad your son is okay!

Buck Inspire said...

Sorry to hear about your accident and glad everyone is alright. Great point about your network and business cards. I did everything myself before but am now seeing I can't do it all. I am focusing on connections this year. When I got business cards, I took things more seriously and became more productive. Thanks for the tips!

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