Friday, 21 December 2012

Welcome to Build Me A Blog - Hop!

Here's how this monkey's going to swing:

- Join this blog (if you already have, that's one less step!).

- Copy the button. Post it on your blog (link back to this post).

- Sign the Linky at the end of this post (closes Dec 19th).

- On December 20th, by 8 AM MST, include in your post a 200 word description of your dream blog/site/banner/avatar/etc. What would it look like? I'll read all the entries and select three winners who wowed me so much that I want to see their description come to life!

Winners will be announced December 21st, and the prizes are:

3rd place: a banner/icon/avatar designed by Tara Tyler.

2nd place: a banner/icon/avatar designed by Darren Hansen.

1st place: a blog background designed by Lisa Campbell ($50 value).

The best Runner Up will receive a rare box of Hostess cupcakes!

(Yes, it's real. No, it hasn't expired yet)
As a followup prize, my inbox will be open to query critics to anyone who wants one (all day, Friday the 21st). This is a great opportunity to whip your NaNoWriMo query into shape before agencies open their doors for submissions after the holidays (or before the end of the world, whichever happens first), so please, take advantage. Those agents will greatly appreciate it. Details to come on the 21st.

David, I am so sorry I posted this so late, please accept my apologies. I have been so very busy dealing with life and organizing Christmas that I just did not get to write the outstanding entry I was intending to write. So I am writing this here and now!

I would absolutely love to have a blog built to suit my writing style, it would be awesome! 

I am a Paranormal Romance writer who delves in vampires and would be very excited to have an avatar with this in mind, but possibly a sexy female version.

My dream blog would have a similar concept, but as the books I have written are based in other dimensions with blue and pink moons and red trees, rose coloured skies and purple vegetation, it would be great to have something awesome created like this for the background. 

I would love to have a winged horse (Pegasus), included in the blog header, ridden by a vampire, as this is an element included in my stories. I think that I would keep the blog header script the same as it is now: C.M. Brown Paranormal, Romance Writer!

Thanks so much for sending me a reminder to post this entry, but I understand if it is too late to be part of the draw, maybe next time. 



Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

A vampire on Pegasus? That would certainly stand out!

Tara Tyler said...

i had fun picturing this! very creative and unique! good luck!

Madeleine Sara said...

I like the sound of that blog description the Pegasus and the vampire. Good luck

BTW I noticed this: please except my apologies

is it except or accept?


David P. King said...

Glad to see your entry! Thank you, and while I'm not a huge vampire fan, the thought on one riding a Pegasus sounds too cool to pass up. Thank you again and best of luck! :)

C.M.Brown said...

Alex - Ah! You have not read my second book, have you? You would then know the history of Pegasus and the connection with Aidensdein! lol!

Tara - Glad you like it, Tara! Thanks for stopping by.

Madeleine Sara - Thanks for picking up my mistake, as I said it was a very quick on the spot post. I have corrected the silly mistake now.

David - I am over the moon that you like my creative imagination! Thanks!

Suzanne Furness said...

Sounds like you have some fab ideas for your blog.

Christine Rains said...

Now that would be a stunning header! Wow. Happy holidays!

michelle said...

I hope you had a peaceful and blessed Christmas.
Did I ever thank you for introducing me to Goodreads? No? A thousand thank yous, Carolyn!! If you hadn't invited me, I wouldn't have known about the site.
Have a wonderful New Year!

Ciara said...

Just wanted to say Happy New Year!

Kelley Lynn said...

This seems amazing. Happy New Year!

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