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Friday 24 August 2012


Hi everyone,
Well, I wasn't going to burden all of you with my woes, but as I was late letting you know that I had a guest posting on
'A Buckeye Girl Reads'  this week, I thought that I had best let you know that I had been holding up in my bedroom trying to get over a chest infection which has plagued me for the last month. My doctor ordered a week off work and rest, so that is what I did. I think I only turned my computer on once!! And that was to support Ciara Knight with her new release 'Weighted'!

I apologize for anyone waiting to read the next installment of 'As Black as Night' for my Friday#Flash entry, but as I was unwell I did not have the energy to write it. I will post part 4 next week.

A Buckeye Girl Reads 
You can visit  'A Buckeye Girl Reads' 
to read my answer to Colette's question: Why I have chosen to write in the New Adult genre?


I would also like to thank everyone who has signed up on the Linky List to help with the launch of my second book in the Protector Series which is titled 'He Came For Mine'.  If you would also like to help, add you name to the list here

If you are an Indie Author, you might be interested in donating a copy or copies of your book/books to the Indie read-a-thon as prizes to giveaway hosted 
by Claire@ Claire Reads 

Soon-to-tour a blogtown near youAngela Brown and Gwen Gardner will be hosting a Blog Tour from the 8th October, for a Paranormal book they have written together.  The cover release will be from 3rd - 7th of September.
If you would like to offer support click on the button.


Media Sharif has just released her debut novel 'Bestest Ramadan Ever'.  You can purchase a copy by clicking any of these links:
Amazon   Barnes and Noble

The Character Depot
The Friendship is Forever tour is being held by JL Campbell as part of her latest book release, Distraction.
There will be approximately fifteen stops in thirty days in a variety of locations. From Australia to Mexico and South Africa to the USA. Click on the Blog Tour poster to follow the tour.

Don't forget to join the 'What's Your Chocolate?' Blog Hop, which is being hosted by M. Pax, Laura Eno, Brinda Berry and Ciara Knight, which is being held on 10th September, 2012.


 Also the mighty Ninja Captain, Alex Cavanaugh is holding a Genre Favourites Blog Fest on September 17 so visit his site to be part of the fun!

Photobucket18 and Over Giveaway Hop sign up for 13th - 16th September 2012
I have also signed up for the Bitten by Paranormal Romance & Gabrielle Bisset 18 and over Giveaway Hop! 
Click the link above or the button to find out more or to sign up if you are interested!

Hope you can find the time to participate in some of the great things happening this month! Enjoy!



Suzanne Furness said...

Hope you are feeling better.

Unknown said...

Thanks for caring Suzanne. Yes I am starting feel like a living human being again.

Elise Fallson said...

Oh, I really hope you get to feeling better soon! A chest infection is awful. Thanks for the news update. (:

John Wiswell said...

Sheesh, just take care of yourself, CM. Chest infections are serious!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Sorry you've been that sick!!
Thanks for mentioning my blogfest.
Ready for the big announcement for you!

Tonja said...

That sounds terrible. I've found that controlling the humidity in my house really helps with breathing problems - 50% seems to be ideal for me.

Angela Brown said...

Thanks so much, Carolyn, for mentioning our cover reveal and tour. You're so awesome. And very glad you're starting to feel like a human again, thankfully a living one :-)

Gwen Gardner said...

A week in bed! I sure hope you're feeling better. Thanks for the shout-out, Carolyn. We appreciate it so much! Thanks for all the bloggy info too - there's so much going on. And - I can't wait for your cover reveal!

Anonymous said...

Lots of info, and thanks for the shout-out.

I'm glad you're feeling better.

Unknown said...

On the mend now, back to work tomorrow!

Unknown said...

Thanks John, I am trying my hardest to recover completely.

Unknown said...

Alex, I was that sick that my husband moved out to sleep on the couch for a whole week.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the tip Tonja. The winter here in Australia has been unusually cold this year and our houses are just not built for it.

Unknown said...

Yes, I was feeling like a zombie a week or so ago, but getting better now. You are welcome, I am happy to help.

Unknown said...

Yes, feeling much better now. Happy to help with the book reveal and blog tour!

Unknown said...

No problem Medeia,happy to do so.

Ciara said...

I hope you got the rest that you needed and that you are feeling better. Thank you for helping get the work out for Weighted.

Unknown said...

I hope you're feeling better. Thanks for highlighting all the cool things coming up. There are definitely a few I should check out.

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